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Our bespoke services are fully centred around the specific needs of each and everyone of our special clients. We are essentially the enabler of your design and creative needs. From concept to reality we can help you design, visualise and realise your personal lifestyle properties and/or revitalise your business’ commercial image and real estate.

Having worked on many successful design ventures alongside developers across global residential and commercial projects, we pride ourself on delivering designs with rarity, impeccable quality and originality at their heart.

If you’re after impeccable design with more than what meets the eye, we’d love to hear from you.

Nick Butterfield

Founder & Creative Director

From a very young age, Nick showed an interest and aptitude for sketching futurist buildings, structures and vehicles. He had an inquisitive and enquiring mind with untapped imagination to see things differently.

These remarkable visions and ideas directed his life towards London in the early 80's and began to study design at St Martin's School of Art and then onto Kingston University for his honours degree in Interior Architecture that provided him with confidence and direction when he began working in the real world! Nick's progressive sense of creativity soon found its way into all types of commercial and branded space projects. More recently he's been commissioned to help private clients visualise their homes which has provided a whole new aspect on developing specific design strategies and solutions.

Today he's delighted to be surrounded by his wonderful family of creators, curators and fabricators - with Angela’s incredible talent working with fabrics and both sons Tom and Will now on their own journey carving out their futures in the world of furniture, graphics and fashion.


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